Redding Non Profit For Artists | Foundation For Inspired Arts
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Who We Are

Foundation for Inspired Arts is a non-profit organization that cultivates, connects, and inspires local artists living and working in the greater Redding area. We see this work as an essential means of energizing the creative spirit of aspiring artists and fostering greater interest in the arts in our local community.

Make visible, what, without you, might perhaps never have been seen. ~ Robert Bresson

Our Three-Fold Purpose

  1. CULTIVATE—Creativity and artistic expression takes many forms—drawing, graphic design, mixed media, painting, photography, sculpture, and beyond. Our passion is helping regular folks cultivate an interest and passion in the arts and help awaken creative expression in the community of Redding.
  2. CONNECT—We provide a platform from which an individual’s skills and talents are shared and promoted through collaboration and networking opportunities.
  3.  INSPIRE—We inspire artists to take some risks, and put themselves and their art before the public, so their creativity can have a positive impact in the lives of others. Through this exercise, artists across the broad spectrum of disciplines can mature artistically, personally, and spiritually.
We love hosting events in the community.

What Is Our Goal?

A primary near-term goal for Foundation for Inspired Arts is to host two to four events per year, to showcase artists from a variety of disciplines, and get them, their story, and their art into the public eye. Our hope is that through such events, interest in the arts will grow and spread and will inspire others to step out and pursue their own artistic and creative passions.

Among the Foundation’s long-term goals, is a vision for an art collaborative shop in Redding, where artists pool together, and share the shop’s costs and management duties. The collaborative would be a prime location for artists to display their works for viewing and sale, and serve as a venue for other arts-related events.

Another long-term goal for the Foundation is to host workshops and other events for the youth of Redding—specifically our at-risk population—to inspire their creativity and the burgeoning artist within them.

Our Story

Foundation for Inspired Arts began as a group of mainly amateur photographers who wanted to share their art, and the spiritual component of their pursuits. Over the course of preparing for their first gallery show, a greater vision was born; one of cultivating like-minded folks—young and old—to do the same. The small group of photographers wanted to help others discover and know their worth as artists and have them gain visibility in the community. They wanted to see people get excited about art and actually do it, not just dream about it. 

At the helm of Foundation for Inspired Arts are two of its founders, Monica Beck and Micah Seth, both Redding natives. They believe art is a vital component of a thriving community, and love seeing the effects of creative passion, help Redding flourish.

Get Involved!

The Foundation for Inspired Arts invites anyone living or working in the greater Redding area to join us. If you love the arts, if you have a desire to cultivate your creative spirit, if you love your community and want to see it thrive, we invite you to make contact with us and let us know of your interest.